Frequently Asked Questions / Uniform Information


Everyday Uniform 

  • VPS custom Everyday Polo
  • Black Gaberdine shorts, Everyday Shorts or Mesh shorts
  • White crew length socks 
  • Black shoes / black joggers
  • VPS bucket hat
  • NOTE: Boys representing the school are expected to wear the Gaberdine Shorts


  • VPS custom Everyday Polo
  • Black Skort, Everyday Shorts, Mesh shorts or Gaberdine Shorts
  • White crew length socks
  • Black shoes / black joggers
  • VPS Bucket Hat
  • NOTE: The tunic has been discontinued

Sport Uniform


  • Green sport polo 
  • Black micro-mesh or Everyday Shorts
  • VPS Bucket Hat
  • White crew length socks
  • Black joggers  


Bottle green bucket hat with VPS emblem

Winter Uniform (standard uniform with added layers)

  • Boys - Long black gaberdine pants.
  • Girls - Long elastane pants or the skort with tights underneath.
  • Fleece Zip Jacket, bottle green with VPS emblem.
  • Sports Jacket. Bottle green with VPS emblem. 

 Additional winter options not sold at P&C Uniform Shop

  • White long sleeved shirt, worn under uniform

School Bag

Please choose a well fitting bag of a suitable size for all student's requirements.  

Hair Accessories

Bottle green, white or black only


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My uniform needs alterations or repairs. 
A: Our supplier - BME - offers free alteration services for their products. Please contact the shop for information. For repairs or non-BME products, we have a Valentine based alterations company that can repair or alter unifomr. Please contact the shop for details. 

Q: Can girls wear the boys Everyday Shorts? 

A: Yes

Q: What if I can't get to the store for collection? 

A: Provide eldest Childs name and classroom at checkout and it will be delivered to their class. 

Q: I have been passed on older uniform from a friend / purchased older uniform from the second hand shop. Is it still ok to wear it?

A: Yes. All VPS marked uniform purchased from the Uniform Shop, the second hand shop or passed through friends is okay to wear. 

Q: Can I still get embroidery for the hat and jackets? 

A: The P&C are looking into having 'in-house' embroidery or labelling of uniforms. Until then, you can go to Cathy Payne at Artisan Embroidery in Eleebana. They offer hats for $12.50 per hat.