Sports Uniform - Summer and Winter

The Summer Sports Uniform for 2021 and 2022 is:- 
  • Green Sports polo
  • Mesh Shorts or Everyday Shorts
  • VPS hat
  • Black Shoes with White Socks

The Winter Sports Uniform for 2022 is:-

  • Green Sports polo
  • Winter Sports Jacket
  • Black Everyday sports pants (coming soon)
  • VPS Hat
  • Black Shoes and white socks

NOTE: the Fleece Zip up jacket can be worn if preferred. 

The green sports track pants are for sale both new and second hand at the second hand uniform shop. Please email for purchase.


Boys can also wear the gaberdine pants and girls can wear the Elastane Pants or any long pants on sale from the second hand shop. 


Sports Uniform Re-Design: many would have heard the sports uniform is going to be redesigned. This will be a coloured sports polo for each sporting house in the school. The design process is underway and the school community and students will be offered a voice in this process.

The new shirts will be released for 2023. The polos will be manufactured in time for Kindy 2023 to order during their orientations and released to the rest of the school for beginning of 2023. There will be an 18 month - 2 year change over of the sports polos giving families plenty of time to change. 

The Everyday Shorts and Mesh Shorts will remain unchanged for summer sports uniform.

The Green Track pants for winter sports uniform will be changed to black and become Everyday Pants like the shorts. These will be available for winter 2022.

The sports jacket will remain the same and will be available for winter 2022. 

Please click here for downloadable Uniform Guidelines.


All online orders will be delivered to your child. Please provide name and classroom at checkout.

If you wish to collect the order, you can collect it during shop hours.